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Elrick New Jazz Standard


Elrick New Jazz Standard


Elrick New Jazz Standard


The award winning New Jazz Standard bass is the first model in the new Expat Series of instruments from Elrick Bass Guitars, Ltd.

Although the Expat Series of instruments is not produced in house, they are manufactured to the same high quality standard embodied by all US made Elrick basses. In order to ensure the quality of all Expat Series bass guitars, we have partnered with the finest manufacturer of musical instruments in Europe. Elrick Bass Guitars hand selects and supplies much of the lumber, as well as the majority of materials and components used in the manufacture of the Expat NJS, including the same US made Hipshot hardware and Bartolini pickups / electronics found on US Elrick basses.

This partnership also makes is possible for us to offer a feature often requested on New Jazz Standard basses, a lacquer finish. Because of the high cost of lacquer finishes on US models, this may be the greatest value added feature found on the Expat NJS.

Expat New Jazz Standard

A truly unique Jazz Style instrument, featuring an angled headstock and 24 frets+zero fret. All NJS basses feature a “heel-less” body design with extended treble access. To optimize stability as well as playability, the neck attaches via six bolts in an asymmetrical pattern. US Bartolini Classic Jazz pickups and 3-band active/passive pre-amp with 2-way mid-frequency. US made hardware by Hipshot in satin silver. Quarter-sawn maple or Indian rosewood fretboard. Swamp ash and Alder bodies with lacquer finishes.

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Mary Kay White
34" scale 4-string
24 frets + zero fret
swamp ash body
high gloss lacquer finish
3-piece quarter-sawn maple neck
quarter-sawn maple or indian rosewood fretboard
2-way adjustable truss rod
Bartolini Jazz pickups *
Bartolini 3-band pre-amp w/2-way mid and active bypass *
fully shielded control cavity
satin Hipshot Ultra-light tuners *
satin Elrick bridge *
Dunlop Dual Design strap buttons (Straplok compatible!)*
Elrick Fundamental strings *
Elrick Zero Gravity case