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Vemuram Galea


Vemuram Galea


Vemuram Galea


The ''Galea” is a medium-gain overdrive pedal. It resembles a full-blown vintage tube amp which has a bold, rich and pure driven tone. The driven tone was influenced by the legendary late 50's Fender Tweed Deluxe (5E3 Circuit) and the Tone-Master from the 90's built by Fender Custom Shop and more... Much more than a mere vintage tube amp. 
The Galea is equipped with 2 trimmers which is incredible, one of a kind feature to this pedal. The 1st and foremost is the Saturation(SAT) trimmer. Allows you to achieve the smooth tube like tone and also being able to adjust the characteristics of the tone. The SAT trimmer is also equipped on the Jan Ray. If you put it in words, the pedal is "SCREAMIN!”
The 2nd trimmer is the Drive (DRV) trimmer. The Drive trimmer lets you control the gain/drive of your tone. Depending on the driven setting on your amp, it allows you to set and change the tone even more, leading you to have further variation to your sound for your specific needs. 
The following settings are examples that might be helpful to use in your style of playing. 
• When the amp setting is clean or in a light crunch mode. Set the DRV trimmer to 100% HOT mode. 
• When the amp setting is in crunch mode. Gradually change the setting of the DRV trimmer from HOT to COOL while playing a lick and find your sweet spot. If the gain is still loud, gradually level Galea's gain knob down and increase the volume knob on the Galea. 
• When the amp setting is in drive mode. Set the DRV trimmer to COOL at 50% - 100%. If the gain is too loud, level Galea's gain knob all the way down and increase the volume knob on the Galea while keeping the DRV trimmer at 50%-100%. This will allow you to use it as a boost effect, and avoid the buzzing noises on the low strings. 
These settings are just examples, feel free to change the settings of the DRV trimmer along with the drive on your amp to find your one and only sound with the Galea. 

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Controls : Volume, Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, SAT & DRV trimmer
Switches : ON/OFF
Terminal : Input, Output
Power : 006P (9 Volt Battery) or 9Volt regulated AC/DC adapter
Size : 70(W)x112(D)x50(H)mm
Weight : 430g