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Bogner Palermo 1x10

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Bogner Palermo 1x10

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Bogner Palermo 1x10


Formerly known as the Mojado, the Palermo is a small but powerfull amplifier with a simple and pure signal path for a variety of vintage tones.
A pair of 6V6's in the fixed bias class AB power amp deliver 18 watts of clean headroom.
A three position stand by switch can engage a low power mode with roughly 9 watts for a softer feel and tone.
With just a Volume, 3-way Bright and 4 position Schizo switch the controls are powerful enough for a wide range of organic tones.
The four Schizo settings offer a wide spectrum of eq and gain voicings to compliment any type of guitar pick up, speaker cabinet and musical style.
Position 1 is the lowest gain with a nice sparkle top end and a flat bass.
Position 2 adds a bit more gain with extended treble and bass.
Position 3 delivers a medium gain with a fuller rounder tone.
Position 4 is raw, open and aggressive with the highest gain available.
We also give you a power amp input so you can use the Palermo as a power amp only
All international amplifiers features high quality components, custom wound transformers, aluminum chassis and a unique black comet tolex with classic salt & pepper grill.

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Single channel Tube Amplifier
18W 6V6 AB power amp (36 watt EL34 optional)
JJ ECC83s 1st and 2nd gain stage
JJECC83s phase inverter
Volume and 4 position Schizo tone stack gain control
3 position bright and high low out put power switch (not available on the Mojado)
Single 8 ohm speaker out
Power amp input
1x10 combo Celestion G10 or Custom Eminence 8 ohm (not available on EL34 version)
DIMENSIONS and WEIGHTS: Are subject to change anytime, Please measure your amp carefully if a Custom Case is being made. All measurements include handle and rubber feet. Older amps may have a rubber carrying handle on the top which is 1/4" lower in height. Weights include our shipping box and packaging.
1x10 Combo:     13.75” H x 18” W x 10” D - 37 pounds