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Euphonic Wizzy 112 M Line

Bass Amps

Euphonic Wizzy 112 M Line

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Euphonic Wizzy 112 M Line


M-Line cabinets are a Euphonic Audio exclusive. They are an application of transmission line technology that can only be found in high-end audio speakers and studio monitors. When applied to a bass speaker like the Wizzy 12, it adds a high-fidelity spin for those looking for the flattest response in a 1×12 cabinet configuration. Of course, this is only possible because we started with a successful design – the Wizzy itself, the speaker cabinet that uses a super-woofer with a “wizzy” high-frequency cone at its center. This eliminates numerous parts that separate you from your sound. What’s left is a speaker cabinet in its purest form. The Wizzy 12 M-Line is a very special cabinet. In many ways, it’s our replacement for the VL-208, considered by many to be the best cabinet ever created for Upright Bass and Bass Guitar. The 12 M is like playing through a studio monitor for bass, yet one that can play at stage volumes. No matter what the music, the 12 M lets you hear your bass as exactly as it sounds.

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Configuration:  1×12  M-Line  bass  cabinet  

Woofer:  Proprietary  EA  12′′  woofer  

Tweeter:  Integral  “whizzer”  cone  

Frequency  Response:  45Hz  to  12kHz  

Sensitivity:  103dB  @  1m  

Sound  Pressure:  126dB  @  1m  

Power  Handling:  200  watts  

Impedance:  8  or  4  ohms  

Connection  Type:  Two  Speakon  connectors  Handle:  Two  integrated  custom  steel  handles  

Size:  19.5′′H  x  16′′W  x  12.75′′D  

Weight:  34  lbs