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Mesa Cabclone+ IR 8 Ohm

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The CabClone IR+ is a digital Cabinet Simulator/Impulse Response Reader that holds 16 instantly accessible popular MESA speaker cabinet and iconic microphone combinations in presets of IR captures within its two banks of 8 user preset locations. These can be accessed from the top panel BANK switch and CAB SELECT rotary control manually or via MIDI program change commands. It also provides an on-board reactive speaker load that is automatically activated to protect your amplifier and make it safe to record silently direct or feed a live console and run your amp with no cabinet for an in-ear monitor stage setup where cabinet bleed is not desirable or very low stage volumes are required.

Along with the 16 factory supplied IR PRESETS, there is ample room to download and save hundreds of third party IRs within the CabClone IR+’s processor memory. Once accessed and viewed on your computer via the standard USB connection, IRs can easily be dragged and dropped as separate files — one for each of the CabClone’s 16 user locations within the two banks. This flexibility allows you to instantly access the IR PRESETS within the two banks for your own playing, recording, or live performance sets.

Interfacing options appear in the form of Inputs and Outputs for speaker cabinet signals and line level signals to and from the unit.

MIDI program change commands are supported and can be used to access the 16 IR PRESETS via the MIDI IN DIN jack. A MIDI THRU jack is also provided to pass those program change messages on to other devices that recognize MIDI commands.

The internal reactive load provides an impedance-matched (per your choice at purchase) safe way to forego the speaker cabinet or internal combo speaker and record direct or send a DI signal silently to a live (FOH/Monitor) console. A speaker cabinet may also be used simultaneously for stage sound and monitoring your amplifier through guitar cabinets, this having no effect on the IR Preset you have chosen other than what characteristics individual speakers may impart on the output transformer. The Internal Load is defeated by the SPKR/LOAD switch (make sure you have a speaker connected to the TO SPKR output). Make sure you choose the proper impedance CabClone IR+, as they are built specifically for 4, 8 (most common) or 16 Ohm applications. The load portion of the CabClone IR+ is a reactive circuit that functions regardless of whether or not power is supplied to the unit. You may use the internal reactive load without powering up the unit with the power supply.

An internal signal-triggered cooling fan is included to ensure proper operating temperature. The small fan spins only when there is sufficient power being generated by the amplifier in use.

The CabClone IR+ Inputs include: LINE ¼” phono, FROM AMP SPEAKER OUT Input ¼” phono, MIDI IN 5-Pin Standard DIN,
POWER/18 Volt DC Power Supply (Included) Connection - standard, USB Port (For connecting to your Computer).

The CabClone IR+ Outputs include: OUTPUT (To Speaker) ¼” phono, MIDI THRU standard 5-Pin DIN, 3-Pin Male XLR balanced DI
OUTPUT, LINE OUT (DRY/Non-Simulated) ¼” phono and a HEADPHONES Stereo ¼” phono.

“There is truly nothing like it. The highest quality professional gear and The Rudy’s custom shop are undeniably one of the best!” Mike S.

“There is truly nothing like it. The highest quality professional gear and The Rudy’s custom shop are undeniably one of the best!” Mike S.