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Fender FTN-1 Tuner


Fender FTN-1 Tuner


Fender FTN-1 Tuner


The Fender FTN-1 pedal tuner is a super accurate, compact chromatic tuner that will keep you in tune at gigs, in the studio and at home. With multiple modes like standard 440Hz and three flat tunings you can tune into most gigging scenarios in no time at all. 
Whether you're playing in bright day light or on a well lit stage you'll be able to see the crisp colour display at any time. The tiny size of this pedal makes it super easy to fit onto your board. A great little tuner at a great price! 
With true bypass switching, durable casing and included power supply it's a great tuner that's ready for any application!
Fender say:
Fender's FTN-1 Tuner, is an affordable, yet powerful, pedal tuner ready for standalone or pedal board use. The FTN-1's bright, easy-to-read display shows precise tuning status-with accuracy to +/- one cent-even on a bright stage or in daylight, and is compatible with guitar, bass, and other stringed instruments with an audio output. The FTN-1 automatically mutes the output when engaged, for silent tuning. True bypass circuitry allows the signal to pass without affecting the natural tone of your instrument. The display can be calibrated from standard tuning to three half steps below, making it ideal for hard rock and metal applications. The small, compact size takes up minimal space on a pedal board and it even comes with a power supply. The FTN-1 ships pedal board-ready with no rubber feet, but a user installable die cut non-slip self-adhesive rubber pad is included.

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Pedal tuner with +/- one cent accuracy
Bright, easy-to-read display; true bypass circuitry
Display can be calibrated from standard tuning (A=440Hz) to three half steps below standard
Includes power supply and self-adhesive rubber pad