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Solid Gold FX Surf Rider Deluxe Limited Edition


Solid Gold FX Surf Rider Deluxe Limited Edition


Solid Gold FX Surf Rider Deluxe Limited Edition


This is a limited edition with the Times Square logo in lightburst.

The Surf Rider Deluxe sounds as good as it looks and looks as good as it sounds. With its translucent ocean blue powder coat finish over raw aluminum, classy silk-screened artwork and aged white knobs, we can without a doubt say that this is one of the best looking pedals available. Under the hood lies our hot-rodded Surf Rider circuit designed to simulate the sound of a certain famous 60's outboard reverb unit, with additional features to really expand one what you can do with classic spring reverb tones!

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The Surf Rider Deluxe is equipped with Resonance, Depth, Level, and Tone knobs, True-Bypass and Reverb Boost foot switches, expression pedal input, and a 9-18V 2.1mm DC jack. The Resonance control is a unique feature allowing you to fine tune the reverb signal's decay. Depending on this control is setting, the Surf Rider can simulate the sounds of a longer or shorter spring reverb pan, even a slap back delay. The Resonance control becomes more active at higher reverb settings. The Depth knob adjusts the reverb intensity while the Level adjusts the output level of the reverb signal. The Tone control affects only the reverb signal, allowing for the warm darker tone of small, early tube amps or bright, splashy reverb tones of 60's surf classics.

The Boost foot switch is a new feature we added to give the pedal an extra reverb level preset; there is an internal trimpot to adjust boost/normal mode levels. The expression pedal input allows for on the fly adjustment of the reverb depth. We recommend using a Mission Engineering EP-1R or M-Audio EXP pedal with the Surf Rider Deluxe.