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Vemuram Shanks 4-Knob


Vemuram Shanks 4-Knob


Vemuram Shanks 4-Knob


This is a 2 germanium transistor late 60's Fuzz face like overdrive booster. The range of tone is very large, and can go from a firm and gorgeous clean tone, to an edgy crunch boost.

The signal line uses hand picked N.O.S. parts and the electrical input area uses state of the art pieces. This gives a noiseless sound wiht lots of head room.

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Transistor: Germanium type
Control Knobs: level, fuzz bass, treble
Control Trimmers: Fuzz color, bias
Switches: on/off
Terminal: input/output
Power: 006P (9 volt battery)
9 volt regulated AC/DC adapter (center Negative)
Size: 70x112x51mm
weight: 425g