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Bogner New Yorker Head (SCARSDALE)

Guitar AMPS

Bogner New Yorker Head (SCARSDALE)


Bogner New Yorker Head (SCARSDALE)


The New Yorker has the style and flavor of the small tweed amps from the 50's.
The unique touch dynamic of the circuit cleans up overdriven tones while retaining the volume at near max.
The low filtered power supply gives the amp a very loose feel.
A pair of 6V6's in the cathode biased class A power amp deliver 12 watts of clean headroom.
With just a Volume, Tone and 4 position Schizo switch the controls are powerful enough for a wide range of organic tones.
The Schizo offers three tweed inspired and one blackfaze setting which you won't find in any other tweed type amplifiers.
Position 1 is a simulated blackfaze attenuation, scooped mids with most clean headroom.
Position 2 is tweed with a flatter tone for a brown twang.
Position 3 is tweed with tamed gain on treble and bass, more definition for humbuckers.
Position 4 is fat pure traditional tweed tone.
To compliment the design the combos and cabinets are made out of solid pine with a floating baffle board.
All international amplifiers features high quality components, custom wound transformers, aluminum chassis and a unique black comet tolex with classic salt & pepper grill.

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Single channel Tube Amplifier
12W 6V6 class A power amp
JJ ECC83s 1st gain stage
JJECC83s cathode -dyne phase inverter and 2nd gain stage
Volume, Tone and 4 position Schizo tone stack gain control
3 position standby high low power switch (mk2 model only, released Nov. 2011)
Single 8 ohm speaker out
Head: 7.5" H x 18.50"  W x 7.00"  D – 16 pounds