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*** Items may not be in stock in both shops. PLEASE CHECK INDIVIDUAL PRODUCT LISTING to see where an item is located, either Soho or Scarsdale ***
*** Items may not be in stock in both shops. PLEASE CHECK INDIVIDUAL PRODUCT LISTING to see where an item is located, either Soho or Scarsdale ***

Boswell 0-14MK/TR-LTD Limited Edition - SOLD OUT

About the Project

    The Boswell “0-14MK/TR-Limited Edition” is a rare, collaborative release from Butch Boswell of Boswell Guitars, Mark Knopfler, and Rudy Pensa of Rudy’s Music, NYC.  There are only 20 available build slots to reserve, and the instruments will be delivered before the end of 2023.  

     Rudy introduced his friend Mark to Butch’s work late in 2020, after Butch had built a run of 11 all-mahogany “0” size guitars. Rudy couldn’t help but keep one for himself and he knew Mark needed one too.  As a builder and player, Butch has been a long-time fan of the small body mahogany guitars from the 1940’s, and this small run was an homage to those historical instruments.  When Rudy sent one of these guitars to Mark, he instantly fell for it, and it quickly became a go-to instrument for a number of songs for the album he was recording.  Mark ordered another guitar shortly after receiving his first, but this time an OM model with a Tunnel redwood top. 

     Mark, Butch, and Rudy continued to inspire one another, and in 2023, the idea of a collaboration was suggested.  Why not make a model that combines all the things that Mark loves so much from each of his two Boswell Guitars?  Take the little “0” size mahogany guitar, but this time use Tunnel redwood for the “top”. Both Mark and Rudy were excited at the potential, and off they went.  

     This is a light and airy little guitar, ideal for finger style and light strumming, and perfectly balanced when using a microphone out front. The back and sides are beautiful old-growth Honduran mahogany, while the top is the Tunnel redwood that used to line the train tunnels high in the Siskiyou Mountains.  The guitar is braced with one of Butch’s proprietary bracing patterns, using old growth Adirondack spruce from a tree that was felled naturally during Hurricane Hugo in 1989. 

     For customers in the US, the fingerboard, bridge, and peg head overlay will all be Brazilian Rosewood.  For customers with anything other than a US address, these will be substituted with Madagascar Rosewood due to CITES restrictions.  Along with all these incredible materials, Mark suggested the Tyne Bridge motif as an inlay on the 12th fret, which tied the entire project together. 

     Only 22 of these little guitars will ever be produced: 20 available for purchase, 1 for Mark, and 1 for a charity initiative to be announced at a later date. All 20 slots will be available to reserve starting on the 18th May, 2023.  They will be taken on a first come, first served basis. The price of each instrument is $9,250USD.  A $4,500USD non-refundable deposit will be necessary to reserve a build slot, with the remainder of the balance due prior to shipping. Preorders will be available right here, starting Thursday, May 18th. A link will be available below beginning on May 18th.



  • "I love my little mahogany Boswell. It went straight on to my record and travels with me everywhere now." ~ Mark Knopfler
  • "When you put the most beautiful woods Mother Nature provides in the hands of Butch Boswell, a masterpiece is created." ~ Rudy Pensa



Guitar Specs:

Model: 0-14MK/TR Limited Edition

Serial Numbers:  MK-1 up to MK-22 (The zero number will be the charity build)

Soundboard (top):  Tunnel Redwood,

Back/Sides:  Honduran Mahogany,

Neck wood: Honduran Mahogany, (with a dual action adjustable truss rod),

Fingerboard:  Brazilian Rosewood (*), 14 frets to body, 20 frets total, 1-23/32” width at bone nut, 2-3/16” at 12th fret,

Bridge:  Brazilian Rosewood (*), rectangular design, drop-in intonated bone saddle, Ivoroid bridge pins, 2-3/16” E to e spacing,

Peg head overlay:  Brazilian Rosewood (*) with pearl ‘Boswell’ inlay,

Top Bracing:  Adirondack spruce top bracing with forward shifted and scalloped X pattern, single tone bar also scalloped, all top braces 1/4” width,

Back Bracing:  Old growth Sitka spruce, ladder style pattern,

Kerfing:  Bass wood, triangle pattern,

Tuners:  Waverly, polished nickel with Ivoroid buttons

Binding:  Tortoise celluloid body binding, black/white top purfling,

Rosette:  Simple black/white/black line work,

Inlay:  Tyne bridge in pearl,

Finish:  All nitrocellulose lacquer, satin back/sides/neck barrel, high gloss peg head overlay and soundboard, dark red/brown color work throughout,

Case:  Harptone hard shell case with commemorative badge.


*US address only, Madagascar Rosewood for any International orders

**All hide glue construction.