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*** Items may not be in stock in both shops. PLEASE CHECK INDIVIDUAL PRODUCT LISTING to see where an item is located, either Soho or Scarsdale ***
*** Items may not be in stock in both shops. PLEASE CHECK INDIVIDUAL PRODUCT LISTING to see where an item is located, either Soho or Scarsdale ***

Taylor Guitars

     We at Rudy's Music are so thrilled to be able to work with Taylor Guitars in our specially designed SoHo Showroom. Designed in collaboration with Rudy's Music, the Taylor Showroom allows us to carry nearly every single Taylor model, giving players the opportunity to hear the entire range of sonic capability that Taylor has to offer. Every Taylor Guitar that arrived goes through a proper inspection by our in-store Taylor Guitars expert Nate. After that they are placed in our humidity controlled Taylor showroom to be showcased. Please visit our SoHo location to see the unique experience Taylor Guitars and Rudy's Music have created!

       In Rudy's Music SoHo location, Nate runs our Taylor Guitar showroom, a space completely dedicated to show all of the models of every level. Listen in as Nate walks us through this space and talks a bit about what makes it so unique!


      Here at Rudy's Music, we take our passion for the guitar pretty seriously, and that goes for our knowledge of tonewoods as well! For acoustic instruments, the choices of wood used in every step of the process is important, from picking a top wood to the back & sides, to the neck and fingerboard wood choice. The possibilities are endless, and it can be tricky to find your way around the options if you are just getting into acoustic guitar. Listen in as Nate, our Taylor Guitar expert, walks us through Rosewood, a revered tonewood known for its beautiful sound.

Taylor Guitar's V Class Bracing

V-Class bracing is a revolutionary new type of bracing from Taylor Guitars master luthier Andy Powers. Designed to be the next step in engineering of the traditional X bracing of the past, this new bracing doesn't sacrifice tone for sustain or vice versa. V-Class guitar bracing controls the top’s flexibility, creating a more orderly rocking motion across both sides of the top. The controlled flexing movement produces greater volume. V-Class bracing maintains stiffness along the middle of the guitar, in the direction of the strings. That rigidity keeps the strings in motion, producing notes that resonate longer before fading out.

Looking for your new Taylor Guitar and want to try the new V-Class bracing for yourself? Well look no further, even though bracing is done on the inside of a guitar, Taylor has made it easy to tell which models carry the new bracing. Guitars will have a distinctive black graphite nut, a new interior label with design that features Andy Powers’ signature.