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Carr c.2005 Mercury w/cover

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Mint Condition early Carr Mercury Amp. This amp is in perfect condition and sounds great.  This amp has been thoroughly checked over and is guaranteed to sweeten up your sonic sauce!Mercury

Instructions Volume — Adjusts the loudness of the amplifier.

3 Position Boost -Position 1 - 60s American sound with great warmth Position 2 - Increases gain by defeating the tone controls(Treble and Bass) while trimming low end for a focused overdrive tone Position 3 - Further increases gain from the tone stack and reverb circuit while the low-end focus is refined. Tone controls are defeated. Treble - varies top end from dark to bright when Boost setting 1 selected—bypassed on Boost setting 2 and 3 — Use Cut Switch(see below) to adjust treble with boost settings 2 and 3. Bass - varies low end from lean to full when Boost setting 1 is selected-bypassed on boost setting 2 and 3

Reverb - controls amount of reverb sound from off to deep and lush.

4 position Attenuator — Selects power output to the speaker. The Mercury is always makings its full 8 watts, but by selecting 8, 2, 'A, 1/10 th watt setting, the power that reaches the speaker is varied.

Cut Switch —rolls off the high frequencies for a more mellow tone when the switch baton is down - this works especially well when Boost positions 2 and 3 are in use.

Standby — Set amp to standby(switch baton down) to allow the tubes to warm up after the amp is initially turned on(see On-Off-On below). After 1 minute of warm up, switch Standby baton up, and the amp is ready to be played. Using the Standby switch every time the amp is played will prolong tube life. On — Off— On — Selects between two ON positions which are reverse phase of each other and the OFF position. If you receive a shock from another piece of equipment, a microphone or another amp, or hear line noise static, switch to the opposing ON position.


8w, 2w, 1/2w, 1/10w, selectable

Single EL34 output can be biased to accept other output tubes for further sound sculpting 

Treble, bass control w/cut switch for high end configuration

Kingpin 60 Speaker

Spring reverb

3 position channel switch bypasses the tone stack for moderate to high gain

“There is truly nothing like it. The highest quality professional gear and The Rudy’s custom shop are undeniably one of the best!” Mike S.

“There is truly nothing like it. The highest quality professional gear and The Rudy’s custom shop are undeniably one of the best!” Mike S.